attack! deluxe and the campaign for war

by Colton Dillion | Apr 12 2016

We are pressed on all sides and the enemy is closing in. Word has come down from the Commander-in-Chief and our only order is ATTACK!

From designers Mike Selinker and Sean Brown comes this expansion to Glenn Drover’s ATTACK!  ATTACK! DELUXE is an exciting new and upgraded expansion of the 2003 Edition of ATTACK!

This Kickstarter is offering you this new, upgraded expansion for those who already have ATTACK! along with a combo package of the original base game ATTACK! and ATTACK! DELUXE. For ease of reading, throughout this project description we will refer to the older one as the base game ATTACK! and the new game as ATTACK! DELUXE (the expansion and upgrade to the base game ATTACK!)

ATTACK! DELUXE places you squarely on the front-lines as you vie for world domination. Speak softly or swing your big stick in order to conquer your neighbors and expand your economy.

ATTACK! DELUXE adds to the base game by setting the stage for combat on the Pacific Front. ATTACK! DELUXE introduces bold new mechanics with expanded Naval Combat, player government styles, new technology research, and seasonal combat. As the leader of a world power, you can choose to control trade routes on all seven seas or you can blitz the sovereign shores of your nearest nations by land: build the biggest army and crush your enemies before they crush you, or choke the life out of them by cutting their economic supply. All is fair in love and war after all!

Just remember, there's no fighting in the war room.