backbone of america, forefront of innovation

by Colton Dillion | Apr 12 2016

Hyliion’s Hybrid Suspension System reduces fuel consumption within the Heavy Trucking Industry by over 31%. In this short spot, a trucker looks back on his time driving across the US and looks forward to a future made better by new technology. Things may not look so familiar no more, but the greatest years are still ahead of us.

The Script:

Seen just about everything there is to see, been across every state line, even the national border. Slept in cots, kings, bunks, trees...probably traveled enough miles to lasso the moon and back.

Things have changed on the road, seen towns that grew an airport and 5 shopping malls; seen cities disappear beneath the desert dust. Slipped and slid down icy slopes and weathered storms in bogs and marshes.

People say that America ain't so great anymore, but I know the real truth. She's seen rough times and hard years, and times they are a-changin'.

Some things may not be so familiar no more, but shiny and new has its advantages. The greatest years are still ahead of us. That's the real truth.