continental divide raises $20,000+ on kickstarter

by Colton Dillion | Apr 12 2016

Not a game of luck or chance but a competitive struggle of wits, savvy & guile. Survive challenges faced by the Railroad Barons of old!

The Civil War is over! America strives to tame the American Continent and the key will be to connect sea to shining sea with iron horses and steel rails-- thus opening the vast untamed lands to millions of adventuresome citizens weary of war. This strategic railroad game extends from the muddy Mississippi to the coast of California.

Each player founds railroads, determines share distributions and capitalization, invests in various companies they and others have founded, expands the companies across the country, and competes for the most victory points (not net worth) at the end of the game. Railroads are built across the river valleys, plains, deserts and ultimately, over the great Continental Divide!