empires galactic rebellion raises $118,455 on kickstarter

by Colton Dillion | Apr 12 2016

A loudspeaker blares from the central public square of the Capital:

"Citizens of the Galactic Empire, this is not a test. I repeat--THIS IS NOT A TEST! Rebel dissidents have broken Sentinel lines around the habitable zone and curfew is now in effect. Non-compliance is a capital offense and violators will be executed. The Galactic Rebellion will be quashed at all costs."

Discontent festers at the fringes and in the Capital of the Galactic Empire. Seditious whispers across light years of empty space have grown to a chorus of audacity, forcing the Senate to acknowledge open rebellion as a real possibility. Unrest organizes in the shadows of sovereign space as the Senate remains divided on to how meet and suppress the growing threat. For their part, the rebels lack focus; their discord exceeded only by their hatred of the Galactic Empire. Competing visions of what life after the Empire should look like prevent cooperation between the rebellious factions. Leaders arise out of the squabble to gather about them the forces to achieve their righteous views of the future. You are one of these leaders.