on the road with hyliion

by Colton Dillion | Apr 12 2016

Hyliion takes customer feedback seriously, and wanted a way to showcase the close relationship they've built with their test drivers. It’s important to them that their parts and systems deliver best-in-class experience and performance. While in the development stage they needed a film to show potential customers that wouldn't come off as a "sales video" and convey the system's amazing capabilities in a way that seemed truthful. Thus, the interview with Driver Dave was born.

It’s gotta cause the driver to relax the throttle which will increase the fuel mileage considerably. No more hitting the bottom of the hill at 100 miles an hour and trying to make it to the top at 40. I would guess you're probably looking to be somewhere around 20 miles per gallon. What caught my attention was I didn't need my foot on the floor, I started backing off the throttle probably about three quarters and it was still performing in the same way it was supposed to with full throttle. Everything was coming from the trailer.

The driver won't even feel it, shouldn't even feel it. Won’t be any sudden jerks to the truck…any…anything that the driver would be noticing other than the fact that it does have the power to push the truck. The weight of the unit doesn't seem to be that important; it’s not heavy. Probably by taking the duals off and having the super singles, it’ll probably be the same weight as it will be with duals and the standard suspension.”